The Dani Austin Preset Pack

by Dani Austin




This is the pack of 3 Lightroom presets I use to edit all of my instagram photos. I also include some bonus guides on "The Ultimate Guide to Taking iPhone Photos" and a video tutorial on "How I Adjust My Preset". These presets add a creamy, poppy, or neutral feel to your Instagram feed. These presets are made to be used on the FREE Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app. You DO NOT need to have a subscription. Most of my photos are taken with an iPhone. The adjustments I make to my photos when editing with these presets are very minimal. I normally adjust the exposure, adjust orange saturation/luminance for skin tones, and adjust temperature if needed. Hair/skin color and the quality of the photo also impact the result.


1. Creamy Preset

2. Poppy Preset 

3. Neutral Preset

4. Bonus: "Ultimate Guide to Taking iPhone Photos"

5. Bonus: "How I Adjust My Preset Video Tutorial"

6. Download Lightroom Mobile From The App Store 


You will receive an email with a link to a .zip file containing DNG files (3) and a PDF installation guide. The steps are easy and simple for you to follow to download and install everything you’ll need in 10 minutes! You MUST download the files on a laptop or desktop computer before transferring to a mobile device. The presets work for iPhone 6 or higher or Android.


All preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned, no refunds are available. Presets and digital files cannot be resold or shared. Unauthorized distribution of the #DANIAUSTINPRESETS are prohibited and will be met with legal action. Email for support. Please use #DANIAUSTINPRESETS when uploading your photos on social media so we can see what you create!